URBAN CONCEPT – landscape architecture studio in Budapest



… The foundation of our own company has been a dream, a need and a common goal for us since our university studies, however beyond friendship, our common way of thinking and attitude towards planning & creating something new put us to the same platform. We found it extremely useful to gather experience after graduation, thus we were employed at the branch for 6 years when we had the opportunity to work on various type and volume of jobs. urban concept, our own company, was created on the 19th Feb 2009.


We strongly believe in the idea that creating something “new” is necessary, though without respecting the “old & traditional” it does not make sense. ’Genius loci’- ’the spirit of place’ needs to be respected and taken into consideration at all times, as the plan should have a connection to it.


Our goal is to have & maintain a proper attitude towards our planning jobs with humbleness no matter it is a city plaza, a park, a restoration area or a brand new facility. Among our reference there are several kinds and volume of assignments, from the multi-acre common park to the small private penthouse gardens. Our pursuit was rewarded by the revered Pro Architectura award given by the Hungarian State…