Hunap Studio is a Budapest-based design studio founded by Kovacs Hunor Laszlo and Kovacs Apor in 2010.

Whether we are speaking about graphic design, industrial design or architecture, one of the cornerstones of a desirable experience is uniqueness. That is what makes the creator outstanding and it is what the customer desires as well. Nevertheless, thriving for uniqueness is the utmost way of putting the individual in focus.

To showcase the advantages yielded by the duality of our creative process, we decided to capitalize the second “d”​ from “individual”​ – thus, our slogan is very much like our way of work: the result of two individuals very much alike and yet so different, trying to squeeze the extraordinary into simplicity: “indiviDual”​.

Our professional in design territory are the concept art, styling, architecture, interior design, branding and package design.

kovács apor

product and graphic designer

kovács hunor lászló

architect and graphic designer